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smile - the internet bank

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Utility Finanza
Sviluppatore The Co-operative Bank

Manage your money on the go, easily and securely, with the smile mobile banking app.

Can I get this app?
If you’re a smile current account or savings account customer, have a UK mobile number starting with 07 and an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 and above then yes you can. All you need is to have registered for telephone banking first.

Pay new recipients - Make one-off payments up to £250 a day to someone new.
Personalised content - We use your data to make sure you only see information that’s relevant to you. Turn this data feature off if you prefer general product messages (some people do), go to More, Settings, Personalised content. By not turning this off, we’ll take it that you’re OK with us using your data in this way.
Move money between smile current and savings accounts- It’s secure, quick and easy.
Pay people - Pay people and companies you’ve paid before.
See your account at a glance - Current balance, available balance, recent transactions.
Credit card info - See your balance, credit limit, bill due date and statement transactions.
Customisable balance text alerts - If your balance goes lower than you’d like it to, we’ll send you a reminder.
Contact telephone numbers - If you need us in a rush, give us a call.
Branch finder - Our branch staff are helpful. Use this to find them.
Tell us what you think on Twitter @bankwithsmile and on Facebook. Please don’t send us your bank details.

How to register
Download the app, then follow the simple on-screen instructions:
1. Enter the activation code.
2. Register a passcode. For security, register a code that is different from your usual internet / telephone banking passcode. And preferably different from ‘123456’
3. Enter your account details and confirm security details: We’ll ask for 2 digits of your 4-digit telephone banking passcode and 1 of your 5 pieces of secure personal information. Remember, we’ll never ask for your full security code or all of your secure personal information.

Terms of use
We will collect anonymous user data so we can monitor how well the app works. This may include tracking screen swipes and measuring time spent on particular features.
We don’t collect information which personally identifies you. We’ve removed the opt-out option on this feature in order to improve the quality and quantity of the data we collect. If you’ve previously opted out of this feature, you will now be opted in. All the data we collect is anonymised and helps us to fix problems and improve the app for everyone. If you don’t wish for us to use your anonymised data in this way, please delete the app.

If you download the app, you consent to sharing how you use it. Find out more about how we use this information in our Privacy Policy, available within the app.
By downloading this app, you accept the terms and conditions.

Staying safe
Keeping your data secure is crucial. To protect our customers we use a range of security measures including the latest encryption technology. Independent security experts have tested the security of our app.
There are still a few things you can do to protect yourself. For example:
- Never share your login details with anyone.
- When logging on in a public place, keep your details out of sight.
- Create a password or PIN to access your device.
- Never store your mobile banking passcode on your device.

Please note
We won’t charge you for downloading or using the app. However, your mobile network provider may charge you for data use, depending on your tariff. Contact your operator for details. You can use this service when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To enjoy all of the features listed you will need to accept the following permissions:
- Network communication for connectivity
- Your location to find your nearest cash machine or branch